Salman and Sohail Khan make it the most entertaining episode of Nach Baliye 8

This Episode of Nach Baliey 8 was more entertaining, the reason being it should have Salman Khan and Sohail Khan as the special guests. The brothers came here to promote their upcoming film Tubelight. It should be a fun episode since Salman never neglects to make it that yet it ended up being the best in the season. No offense to other visitors who graced the show yet this evening was as engaging as a Salman Khan film. What gets to you every time is Salman's snicker. That man when glad, chuckles wholeheartedly and audaciously. All through the show, he had a major grin all over. That is certainly extremely charming. Regardless of the possibility that you are not a fanatic of him, you will abhor yourself for succumbing to him after you watch this show. Another highlight was his brotherhood with Sohail. Brothers definitely are close which Sonakshi Sinha's diversion uncovered. Presently it will be out of line to simply discuss Salman and not the competitors. They were all marvelous. Truth be told, a significant number of them even got 30 out of 30. They are performing twice this time round and in today's scene, Terence's test was what they took up. Give us a chance to disclose to you the highlights of today's scene.

It started with Salman and Sohail Khan's entrance on Tubelight's Naach Meri Jaan. Each competitor was applauding fiercely to see the hotshot. Indeed, Sonakshi Sinha was the most energized. The exhibitions started with Sanam and Abigail's expressive dance. They were basically excellent and enchanted. Be that as it may, it was Salman prodding Sanam that made us think about how would they know each other so well. Salman uncovered the mystery behind it. He educated that Sanam is preparing him for Remo D'Souza's move film. One day, he was at the on-screen character's ranch when Abigail called him and they had a battle. The couple was truly humiliated to hear that yet Salman was having a great time. Abigail then admitted that she cherishes Salman who sings Main Hoon Hero Tera for her. Their move was so great, they scored an immaculate 30.

Next up were Divyanka and Vivek with their Lasya Tandav. It was divine, as the demonstration should be since it had Shiv and Parvati moving together. Terence Lewis again gives specialized insights about the demonstration and an exhausted Salman at that point takes off on him. It was quite funny. They score 26.

Mohit and Sanaya give a political bend to Paso doble and leave with an immaculate 30. There was such a great amount of animosity in their demonstration that you would get quickly snared. They beyond any doubt supplement each other. Mohit Suri was exceptionally pleased with Mohit's advance on the show and Terence too had eyes just on him.

Next was Dipika and Shoaib's turn who performed on a Lyrical hip jump. They moved on Radio from Tubelight and a couple of Salman's old tunes. The performing artist got so eager to hear that he began moving while situated. He even kidded that he has set the bar so low that they may have thought that it was hard to move on his melodies, not at all like Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, and Prabhu Deva's tracks. Yet, Sonakshi then says something which we totally concur with. Today Salman Khan dance is a shape like free-form. That made the on-screen character redden a bit! Shoaib shares an adolescence memory about Salman and after that welcomes him in front of an audience for some move moves. While the performing artist still recalls the means of Oh Jaane Jana and Mohit permitted everybody to humiliates him.

Sonakshi then difficulties Salman and Sohail for a manly relationship test. They breezed through it without a hitch with just a couple botches. They demonstrated there are nobody as close as these siblings. Next scene there will be significantly more Salman, some spectacular exhibitions, and a disposal.
Salman and Sohail Khan make it the most entertaining episode of Nach Baliye 8 Salman and Sohail Khan make it the most entertaining episode of Nach Baliye 8 Reviewed by Rajeev Parashar on 07:28 Rating: 5